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tennessee: part 2

burrito the fourteenth:
after a long hike from nashville into manchester for bonnaroo supplies, we enjoy a last supper at the only mexican restaurant in what passes for "town." best burrito this side of texas.

bonnaroo was never part of the original roadtrip plan, but when the various summer music festivals were announced, bonnaroo was scheduled right around the time we'd be in tennessee, and just happened to fall on the weekend of my thirtieth birthday. the lineup was good enough to shell out for tickets, and i figured it would be a fun way to bid good riddance to my twenties. wtf was i thinking? thirtieth birthday aside, i am way too old to spend 5 days camping with 80 000 hippies in the middle of a 100F degree dustbowl. no showers, jiffy johns baking in the sun, and a wasteland of human filth and filthy humans proved too much for me. if we hadn't had the good fortune to camp next to a rad group of southerners, i might've given in to the dirt and heat and sweat and disdain. instead, we made friends with some smart, sassy, good ol' boys whose generosity knew no bounds. so while best coast, the arcade fire, buffalo springfield, and the strokes proved a good soundtrack, the real fun was shooting bourbon and shit like the war of northern aggression. railing adderall with the hipsters behind us was just icing on my drunk-ass thirtieth birthday cake.

burrito the fifteenth:
tofu burrito from the taco bus at the food cart oasis. it's the only real meal we ate during the festival, and was thus tastier than it had any right to be. the grilled tofu was nicely marinated though.

rather than endure another night caked in sweat and sunblock, we escaped widespread panic and drove south to chattanooga in search of a shower, then made for the state line through deliverance country. my fear of backwater mountain people rivals doom's of texan inbreds, and based on the moonshine shacks that dot the highway through the smoky mountains, it is not unfounded. one even had a sign offering up free kittens. *shudder*
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