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New Orleans:
i'm pretty sure the big easy earned its nickname from its affect on the eyes. new orleans - the french quarter, more specifically - is one of the most beautiful cities i've ever scene. french, colonial, and spanish architectural fusion, courtyards full of swampy trees and southern flowers, and intricately cast and wrought iron balconies nearly made me weep when, each night, they filled with the debris tossed carelessly aside by drunk tourists and the largest concentrated off-campus population of Delta Betas i've had the misfortune to wade through. bourbon street is a mess of strip clubs and tourist traps, and the surrounding district has lost much of its culture, but there are traces of jazz that waft through the stench and din, and the "poets for hire" on frenchmen street recall the city's rich literary history. the pharmacy and voodoo museums kept us cool in the overwhelming afternoon heat, and we abandoned burritos to feast on po' boys, rémoulade, and other créole deliciousness.
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